Powerflex for Ford Focus MK3 RS and ST models.

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We found there to be a demand for a solution to stiffen heavily voided engine and transmission mounts and to complement our existing parts for this vehicle especially for fast road and track use.

PFF19-1825 Front Upper Right Engine Mount Insert fits into the latest vehicle fitment and commonly upgraded mount. This mount was introduced by Ford in 2013 to address excessive engine movement and knocking, but still features heavy voiding allowing for excessive engine movement and complaints among enthusiasts.

PFF19-1826 Transmission Mount Insert provides further engine and transmission stability to improve shift feel and performance.

Both of our new parts are easily fitted into the existing mounts to make an immediate improvement to engine stability under acceleration.

To complete our engine mount bush/insert offerings, don’t forget Lower Engine Mount Insert / Bush PFF19-1220, PFF19-1820, PFF19-1821.

These parts are available in our Black Series range for those looking for a Track/Competition option.