Powerflex for VW

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This week we are adding bushes for the Volkswagen Golf Mk2, Jetta Mk2, Corrado & Golf Mk3 fitted with Eibach anti-roll bar upgrade kits.
The following bushes have been developed by us to specifically fit the 22mm front and 25mm rear bar upgrade kits.

PFF85-205-22 FRONT ANTI-ROLL BAR BUSH EIBACH 22MM is already available on our listing and fits the Eibach supplied size 22mm bar.

PFR85-212 REAR ANTI-ROLL BAR TO BEAM BUSH EIBACH is designed to fit at the end of the Eibach anti-roll bar where it bolts to the rear beam.
PFR85-225-25 REAR ANTI-ROLL BAR BUSH EIBACH 25MM is designed for the 25mm rear bar. Used with the brackets supplied in the Eibach kit, this bush mounts the bar onto the rear beam.

These parts are also available in our Black Series Range for those looking for a Track/Competition option.