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KW coilovers in a Mini John Cooper Works

When lifestyle becomes true drivestyle: KW coilovers for MINI and MINI John Cooper Works (F55/F56/F57) available

With the reinterpretation of the MINI by BMW AG, the legendary legacy of the small car from the Sixties has been successfully developed for years without sacrificing the sporty retro character of modernity.


True to our suspension philosophy, “the perfect suspension for every demand”, we offer our worldwide renowned KW coilovers for all MINI models of the series R50, R52, R53, R55, R56, R57, R58, R59 and R 60, R61, F55, F56, F57 and the latest MINI John Cooper Works vehicles.


KW coilovers in a Mini John Copper Werks convertible


In addition to the option of a continuous lowering, our KW coilovers give the MINI a significant plus in driving dynamics and safety. The continuously lowering is made at all coilovers for the MINI via the dirt-resistant trapezoidal thread directly on the stainless steel strut and at the rear axle height adjustment.


KW coilovers in a Mini John Cooper Works


The MINI can be lowered individually on both axles within the tested adjustment range. In addition, our KW coilovers allow depending on the version, to adjust the dampers in their characteristics either more sporty or more comfortable.


KW Street Comfort – the suspension with satisfaction guarantee

With no other sports suspension, the focus is that much on the plus of driving comfort, as with the KW Street Comfort. Many MINI drivers often complain about a certain “bumping” of their cars and we hear more often, that the MINI rumbles even with soft winter tires. Some MINI owners even say that there is no more rolling comfort with the mounted summer tires and especially run-flat tires when driving over gully covers, crossways or poorly developed roads.


KW street comfort coilovers for Mini


The spring characteristics and the compression and rebound damping forces at our comfortable Street Comfort coilovers are designed for a harmonious rolling. In addition, the higher damping reserves ensure more driving comfort. But also the handling is considered. At fast lane changes or a evasive maneuvering, the MINI equipped with a KW Street Comfort coilover suspension reacts immediately to the steering movements.



If you want to adjust more or less comfort, you can fine-tune the Street Comfort kit with the 16 step adjustable rebound valve even more to your personal driving demand. With the KW satisfaction guarantee, MINI drivers will get their money back for the KW Street Comfort Coilover kit within 60 days after the date of purchase (you only have to take care of the installation, removal and retrofit costs that have to be done). From 1.299 €, the KW Street Comfort is available for the MINI (F55).


KW Coilovers Variant 1, Variant 2 and Variant 3

KW street performance coilovers for a Mini


KW Variant 1: With its pre-configured KW damper setup, the “Variant 1” offers the optimal balance of sportiness and everyday practicality.



KW Variante 2: In addition to a continuous lowering, the “Variant 2” can be adjusted, similar to the KW Street Comfort coilovers, also for a more comfortable or tighter damper adjustment by the adjustable rebound with 16 clicks.



KW Variant 3: The KW Variant 3 offers the perfect symbiosis of more driving dynamics, everyday practicality and adjustment possibilities. In addition to a continuous lowering, a separate rebound and compression adjustment is possible. 16 exact clicks in rebound and 12 exact clicks in compression stage.


KW Clubsport – the maximum driving dynamics for the street and race track!

The KW Clubsport coilovers are distinguished by an uncompromising technology transfer from racing to the street.

KW Clubsport coilovers in a Mini


The KW Clubsport 2-way, which is available for the MINI, differs from conventional sport suspension and coilover kits by its high-performance dampers.


KW clubsport 2-way coilovers for the Mini


Our Clubsport coilovers give the MINI driver the scope of an individual damper adjustment in compression and rebound. The intuitive damper click setting with 12 clicks in the compression level and 16 clicks in rebound makes it easy to adjust the MINI optimally to the respective race track and sports tire. Already from factory, the basic design of the KW Clubport coilovers is designed for maximum grip and handling on race tracks.



The KW Clubsport coilover kit with its aluminium Unibal top mounts have a street approval and is the ideal performance suspension for all MINI fans, who regularly participate at track days and not only want to drive short round times on the Nürburgring Nordschleife.