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With our Complete ­Kit Active Sound with Soundbooster and APP- Control the sound of your car won’t be the same anymore. It will be more aggressive and powerful in a unique way. This sound­characteristic is not only available for gasoline cars – also for diesel running engines.
The sound is generated by sound generators at the exhaust system. Even at the launch of your engine the car has the new distinguishable sound. In addition, no external buttons are needed so that the original state of your car stays retained. The entire comfortable handling is controlled by already existing buttons or other controls in the car. Moreover it is possible to adjust the sound with the Application for your smartphone.
The App is for free and available for Android and iOS devices. Depending on the car and its model it is not necessary to change anything at the exhaust system. The sound is generated in relation with engine­relevant parameters like the engine rpm, vehicle speed, throttle position, etc.