Powerflex for NISSAN GTR

Powerflex for NISSAN GTR
Working in collaboration with long term customer and Nissan GTR specialist Litchfield Motors, this week we are bringing news of a series of exciting new products to fit the R35 Nissan GTR.
These parts have been developed with, proven and tested on road and track by Litchfield to achieve specific geometry settings.
The Litchfield Handling Kit consists of the following parts:
PFF46-702G Front Lower Wishbone Rear Bush Anti-Lift & Caster Offset is a CNC machined aluminium mount to provide anti-lift and caster offset combined with self-aligning bolts and stainless steel sleeves. The new rear mount and bush also address the increasingly common problem of cracked front arm assemblies, ultimately requiring an expensive replacement – over £690 + vat each side.
LM-GTR-001 Front Upper Wishbone Bush Caster Offset is a Litchfield part manufactured by Powerflex to replace the upper arm bushes and provide fine tuning of caster.
The Handling Kit allows for a greater tyre contact area which, in turn, provides greater feedback information back to the driver, improves traction and offers greater stability.
The increased caster angle produces more weight and detail to the steering which is vital to driver confidence, allowing your GTR to corner with more urgency, significantly improved front grip and reduced understeer.
Available as a recommended option for the lower arm:
PFF46-701G Front Lower Wishbone Front Bush Camber Adjustable is a reinforced replacement bush to revitalise bush performance and provide on-car camber adjustment.