Powerflex for Porsche 993

Available at Power Plus Engineering.

This week we are adding more new products to our listing for the Porsche 993.

With worn subframe bushes becoming more of an issue on these vehicles, not only will it cause handling and geometry issues but replacement can be a very costly job.

Our cost-effective replacement bushes come with aluminium sleeves providing a lightweight, high performance product without the requirement of replacing the complete subframe side panels.

PFR57-920 Rear Subframe Bush.

To complete our range for the 993 rear end, we are also adding Upper and Lower control arm bushes for further improvement.

PFR57-910 Rear Upper Front Arm Inner Bush.

PFR57-911 Rear Upper Rear Arm Inner Bush.

PFR57-912 Rear Lower Wishbone Inner Rear Bush.

These parts are also available in ourĀ Black Series range for those looking for a stiffer Track/Competition option.