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VW Passat Tdi 150 Cv remapped to 192 Hp & 443 Nm.

We remapped this VW Passat Tdi 159 Hp & 368 Nm to 192 Hp & 443 Nm of torque.

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KW coilovers in a Mazda MX5

KW suspensions awakes the full potential of the new Mazda MX-5!

We developed the KW coilovers Clubsport 2-way and Variant 3 for the new Mazda MX-5 (Generation ND). The roadster now benefits from an even more direct handling and a better grip with the adjustable suspension kit that allows you to independently adjust compression and rebound damping. It doesn´t matter if it is for the MX-5 with 131 hp or 160 hp. Both Mazda directly react to every driving maneuver and enable an extremely sporty driving experience without suffering in comfort.


In the eyes of many roadster fans, Mazda seems to have done everything right with the fourth generation of the popular MX-5: light weight vehicle, short wheelbase, harmonious design, nippy engines, rear-wheel drive and a fabric folding roof! Now, the KW Variant 3 coilover suspension and the Clubsport 2-way kit are available for the popular Japanese roadster. With the suspensions made of aluminum, the MX-5 not only receives an optically attractive lowering that can be set continuously from 20 to 45 mm at the four high-strength aluminium struts, but the car also gets an increase in driving dynamics.



Installation of KW coilovers in a Mazda MX5


Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Nordschleife, Spa Francorchamps or Fuji Speedway – KW Clubsport unleashed MX-5

The Mazda MX-5 also in its fourth edition is one of the most popular cars in amateur sports. It does not matter if the roadster is used for slalom or at track days on the circuit.


KW clubsport coilovers in a Mazda MX5
KW clubsport coilovers in a Mazda MX5


Exactly for this target group we have also developed our KW Clubsport coilovers for the current MX-5 (Type ND). The Clubsport and the Variant 3 both feature dampers that are adjustable in compression and rebound.



Due to the dampers, that are adjustable in compression damping with twelve clicks, the drive wheels always have traction. In addition, the dampers can be adjusted in rebound damping with 16 clicks, to further increase the handling. The independent compression and rebound adjustment allow to directly influent the rolling movements of the body.



The setting of the compression forces is made via an integrated click wheel at the lower end of the strut housing. The 16 clicks of rebound can be adjusted on the piston rod.



The rebound allows individual adjustments of the handling characteristics after changing the tire / wheel combination, so MX-5 drivers always have the option to choose the perfect damping setup.


The perfect suspension for every demand

KW coilovers in a driving Mazda MX5


The differences between the Variant 3 and the Clubsport 2-way coilovers is in detail. Both suspension kits feature fully adjustable dampers and the differences are in spring rate, valve damper assembly and the respective suspension design; not to forget the aluminium Clubsport top mounts. So the focus for the Clubsport coilover kit is on the regular use of semi slick tires on the race track and fast lap times.


KW clubsport coilovers in a Mazda MX5


The Variant 3 on the other hand has been developed for the sporty driving in everyday life. A roadster equipped with a KW coilover kit Variant 3 takes every curve very direct and fully lies on the street. Bumps and transverse joints are damped by the suspension, finally the days when a coilover suspension was hard at the same time, are long gone. “or example it´s often the case that for a lowering of 30 millimeters, the spring travel may be even ten millimeters longer than at the series dampers. So there is still enough comfort.


KW clubsport coilovers in a Mazda MX5


The adjustment of the continuous lowering between 20 and 45 millimeters is made directly via the trapezoid thread on the aluminum struts. While numerous other suspension providers rely on spring plate made of aluminum, KW only uses spring plates made of a polyamide composite material reinforced with stainless steel. So even after using it several winters it is easy to change the lowering continuously.


KW clubsport coilovers in a Mazda MX5


By the way we also developed our KW coilovers also for the first MX-5 generation build from 1989 – 1998 (Type NA), for the Type NB/NB-FL build from 1998 – 2005 and for the Type NC (build from 2005 – 2015).

Supersprint for LAMBORGHINI HURACAN LP 610-4 Coupè / Spider 5.2i V10 2014 ->

VW T5 140 HP

Measured stock at 144 Hp & 343 Nm 
remapped to 177 Hp & 435 Nm.

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Brembo Brakes are available at Power Plus Engineering.

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Brembo 6 piston yellow monobloc GT caliper and cross drilled brake discs: the Art Of Braking at its finest!

Simple math lesson: less weight = more agility.

That`s why the Brembo GT kit discs have a hat in aluminium alloy, the floating disc system reduces unsprung mass, for improved handling, and thermal stress.




























The stunning Brembo 6-piston aluminium monobloc caliper for BMW

Audi Q7 3.0 Tdi 272 Cv remapped to 336 Hp & 726 Nm.

We remapped this Audi Q7 3.0 Tdi 296 Hp & 644 Nm to 336 Hp & 726 Nm of torque.


BMW M140i upgrade at PPE : Power Plus Engineering

with: EBC Brakes yellowstuff , Goodridge LTD brake lines, ATE Racing brake fluid, BMC AIR FILTERS and PPE Digital Module with specific PPE mapping.

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Akrapovič  for BMW S 1000 RR 2017

Slip-On Line (Titanium)

Available at Power Plus Engineering.

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    +. 0.4. kW. at 13500 rpm
      1.4. kg
    +. 0.5. Nm. at 7700 rpm

The first step in exhaust tuning, this ultra-lightweight exhaust is made from high-grade titanium and finished with a beautifully hand-crafted carbon-fibre endcap. Using the latest muffler design technology, the good looks of the bike are further enhanced with this exhaust. Power and torque levels are improved and throttle response is increased for a more enjoyable and responsive ride. Sound is enhanced to deliver a deeper, sportier tone. It is EC/ECE type approved and meets all of the latest Euro 4 regulations. Simple plug-and-play makes installation easy and it needs no remapping.

KW Suspension for BMW M2

Now available: KW coilovers for BMW M2!

The new BMW M2 is designed for uncompromising driving dynamics and it sets new standards in the compact sports car segment.


The KW 3 Way Clubsport coilover kit makes it possible to optimally adjust the driving behavior of the BMW M2 to reach fast lap times at the race track. For example, the BMW M2 Clubsport coilovers can be optimally adjusted for the prevailing conditions on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, which are known to vary widely throughout it’s 12+ mile track configuration. In addition the coilovers allow the M2 to be lowered by up to 45 mm with the Clubsport suspension. With KW 3 way Clubsport coilovers, you are not only able to select from the expertly tuned “Track-Setup” and “Road-Setup” provided in the setup manual, the KW racing valve technology even allows the user to fine tune the damper settings in the high & low speed compression as well as rebound, all of which function independently of each other. A BMW M2 equipped with a KW 3 Way Clubsport coilover kit drives extremely precise and direct in all driving situations and is sure to increase the dynamics of what is set to be an instant classic released by BMW. KW has also developed the Variant 3 coilover kit with adjustable rebound and compression forces for the new BMW M2 (Type M3) as well.

Das KW Gewindefahrwerk

Technology from racing: separately and independent adjustable compression and rebound technology 

The KW 3 Way Clubsport coilover suspension is different than convention sports suspensions and coilovers. In addition to the racing spring system used, KW also offers an adjustable 3 way high performance damper.

Das KW Gewindefahrwerk

At the upper end of the piston rod, the rebound can be adjusted with 16 exact clicks via the rebound adjustment wheel. Increased rebound forces ensure a stiffer handling and significantly less body roll. The steering precision is noticeably improved at high speeds while nearing the limit of driving dynamics. A lower rebound force is better on uneven and wavy road surfaces.

Das KW Gewindefahrwerk

In addition, you can change the compression damping in the high-speed range manually with 14 clicks and the low-speed compression with 6 clicks. The motorsports technology which has trickled down into the 3 Way clubsport kits provides precise, consistent and more importantly repeatable results.

Here we are using our patented KW valve technology with two throttle valves. The low-speed is always designed linearly, while for the high-speed we configure the spring-loaded valve digressively.

The high-speed valve can open sooner or later in a certain system pressure, depending on the selected setup.

When driving fast over bumps and curbs, A harder low-speed setting creates a more direct steering response from the front axle and it acts against oversteering on the rear axle. This is without a negative affect on the deflection behavior of the high-speed compression range.

Another unique feature is our hard coated components made of aircraft aluminum and special brass alloys which not only guarantee an excellent durability but are also low maintenance. In addition, the alloys provide a lower friction in the damper working space, in order to reduce breakaway moments. The camber angle can be adjusted for an optimum contact surface of the tires when cornering hard and driving fast into corners thanks to the Clubsport top mounts.

With the KW 3 Way Clubsport coilovers, the BMW M2 receives the same suspension technology as the BMW M4 GTS and the successful BMW Z4 GT3, with which BMW claimed the overall victory at the 24 hours of Spa-Francorchamps race in 2015.

With street legal and continuous lowering

Just like the KW Clubsport coilovers available for the BMW M4, the KW 3 Way Clubsport coilover suspension is also made of stainless steel for the BMW M2 and has been homologated for use on public roads. After a successful track day, the setup can be changed to a more comfortable setting and the trip home can be started with the M2 driving on its own four wheels instead of being towed in a trailer.

Lowering can be continuously adjusted at any time, the changes are made directly on the stainless steel strut via the dirt-resistant KW trapezoid thread. The stainless-steel KW Clubsport coilover kit for the M2 allows a continuous lowering of 15 – 40 mm at the front axle and 20 – 45 mm on the rear axle. The Variant 3 also gets the same continuously adjustable lowering range.